A new way of pythoning with less known python features

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Python is undoubtedly one of the most widely used programming languages of this century that has given a whole new perspective to programming in terms of ease of use and intuitiveness. Besides having a rich set of the most common data structures, it provides a number of standard libraries that can greatly reduce the burden of developing codes from scratch for a variety of problems pertaining to different fields. In this tutorial, I will focus on some of the most common problems or should I say, encounters, and their solutions…

Cosmic Web. Image created by author

It was a warm winter afternoon and I was having chai and samosa with my friends in the college ground. A conversation stirred about how the structures formed by the neurons inside the human brain and the vast structure of the universe were similar. I rememeber how fascinated I was with this picture. From that day, I have been interested in learning how to generate the vast cosmic webs besides their working and structures. In this article, I will plot the density field of the Cold Dark Matter over typical scales that we use in cosmology.

First, some cliché but…

Neerav Kaushal

I am a PhD Physics student at Michigan Tech University. I love Programming, Netflix, Books and Gym. I do poetry and study the physics of the Universe

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